Pick IIIT Delhi. Seriously.

Update 2: I’ve written a much-improved and up-to-date post about IIIT-D. I recommend you read that instead.

Update 1: I am NOT trying to say that X, Y and Z college are not good. All I’m saying is that this is how life at IIIT-D is and if this is the kind of life you’re excited to have, it’s the place for you. Otherwise, it still might be the place for you, but you’re likely to enjoy it less.

I’m not going to fool around with you. This isn’t some glowing biased feel-good review of my own college. It’s all true.

I’ll put it as simply as I can. If you’re into computers, your first (non-IIT) choice should be IIIT-H, then possibly IIIT-A and then IIIT-D. Unfortunately, most people I know don’t really care about which course they get as long as it’s a ‘good’ college, and a fraction of these people want a course badly enough to choose a worse college to get their course. What I’m trying to say is forget the college. It’s the course you want, it’s the course that will determine whether you’re doing something you love for the rest of your life or you’re a corporate ass sitting at a desk making mindless presentations that you really don’t care about. If you’re even a little bit convinced by my arguments, IIIT-D is probably a good bet as long as the course you want is CS/IT(we’ll discuss CS vs. IT later). If you’re in the majority, however, IIIT-D might be for you.

When the director of an institute discourages people from joining the institute at the counseling, you know there’s a point being made.

Please do not join this institute if you’re not ready to really frickin’ study.

-Dr. Jalote (the director in question)

Well, that’s not exactly what he said, but trust me it is very, very close. And he’s not talking about the kind of stuff that kids do at colleges like DCE or NSIT- use proxies to make up attendance, sail though midsems and cram a week before the endsems to get a 75% on their transcripts. At IIIT-D, that’s not studying, and it definitely won’t get you good grades.

When IIITians say study, they mean it. Submit TOC homework every week, upload a DSA assignment every fortnight, have homework in RM that will require twenty hours of work (I’m not making this up, it’s written on the top of the PDF), be prepared for quizzes, exams, lab demos, project submissions. And just in case you were thinking of copying that code from a friend, don’t. Because the professor will run ALL your classmates submissions through Stanford’s MOSS program to check for similarity in code.

And though the administration at IIIT-D will repeatedly tell you that it is primarily an academic institution, and your main objective is to learn, you learn much more than programming. This is not some airy-fairy IT course that messes up by glossing over theory and systems and teaching you programming. It’s a CS course with application. Because having a CS degree without application is like having a degree in English. It’s useless in the non-academic world. And the administration has given the course a great deal of thought. Everybody else in the country will teach you non-relevant nonsense in the first year. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics isn’t going to help you in an IT or CS course, especially when it overlaps with what you’ve already done in the last two years of school. What will help is that you can take advanced science and humanities courses like Biology and Perspectives on Knowledge(horrifically abstract, by the way) and then apply IT to them. And this, by the way, is what a career in IT is all about. Everything is multi-disciplinary, and almost everything is about applying IT to verticals like banking, biotech and telecom. You can’t build the next DNA computer if you don’t know how to apply IT to biology.

And apart from academics, you’re in for a treat. Other colleges will give you basic facilities for sports and cultural stuff, but IIIT-D will better that. You want to start a band? Here’s a music room, and guitars, and uh.. an amplifier, oh and bongos and a congo(what’s that?). Want to organize a football tournament? Do it. And don’t forget to give the participants refreshments at half-time. Want to redesign the logo? OK. Instead of having a competition within the college, let’s open it up to the best design schools in the country. And, as motivation, give away Rs. 20,000 as cash prize to the winner. And for the two runners-up, Rs. 10,000 each. Whoa!

Then there’s the amazing faculty, which maybe five to six technical institutes in the country can come close to in terms of sheer qualification. The entrance requirement is a Ph. D. from a top school, and 6 out of 16 professors did their graduation from an IIT. We have faculty from Carnegie Mellon, BU, North Carolina, UIUC, West Virginia and IISc. There’s really nothing more that I can say about the faculty as their qualifications say it all.

And then there’s the philosophy that holds it all together. The fact that you can simply walk into a faculty member’s office and expect them to be amazingly helpful at any time of the day is unbelievably  liberating. Then there is the fact that unlike any large college with gazillions of students, IIIT is a small community where everybody knows your name (including the faculty) and  is amazingly friendly. It’s the kind of place where interesting people from NASSCOM, IBM, TCS R&D Labs and IIIT-H hold seminars. It’s the kind of place where these companies offer you internships in the first year.

I don’t know about you, but just saying all this stuff excites me. That’s the kind of stuff we do at IIIT-D. If it sounds exciting to you, please do apply. But if not, this is the kind of life you’re going to have, so be prepared.


126 thoughts on “Pick IIIT Delhi. Seriously.

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  2. i am not able to understand what to prepare for the entrance test to be held on 20th july 2010.even though the website provides certain book refrences but i found that you cannot prepare that much stuff in a very limited time.pls give me some idea how the entrance exam would be frm ur experience,what topics shall i focus on.pls reply on my email id. it is really urgent,pls give it high priority,consider me as your brother.

  3. Hi! I got 110 general category rank in IIIT-Delhi so i do have a chance of getting in. I am not extremely hard-working (as in studies) but i am very intellectual and can apply my brain where others can’t. I got the above rank without studying at all. In fact i got 512 AIR in AIEEE’s aptitude test without preparing for it. But i didn’t have Computer Science in 10+2. Should i join IIIT-D? I know i’ll find IT interesting but not if it’s totally study and learning oriented like JEE or the XII Boards. Please advise me. Thanks!

    • Hi Siddharth,

      I’m not sure whether you’ll get in. Last year, for 35 seats, the last admitted person was around rank 90. So if you go by that, you should get it, but nobody really knows the dynamics of the counseling.

      I think you will be able to handle it. You basically need to concentrate more than the people who had CS in 10+2 for the first year, and you should be fine. Because after the first year CS in 10+2 doesn’t help too much.

      IIIT-D doesn’t test how much you studied, it tests how much you learnt. If you’re smart and you pay attention in class, you should be fine.

      Best of luck!

  4. Hi Raghav
    I got 54 rank in the entrance test (I belong to Delhi n in general quota). I am not so much into computers, like i didn’t had computers as a subject in 11-12 & niether do I know any of the languages like C++. I don’t know how to design a webpage. So is it advisable for be to take up this course…i mean would these things be taught or are they presumed to be known. waiting for your reply.
    -Kunal Mehta

    • Kunal,

      It isn’t necessary for you to know the things you mentioned. You will be taught everything required from scratch. The only thing is that the part of your class that does know programming will be having fun when it is taught, but you’ll have to be a bit serious at the time.

      Weigh your options. If this is the best place you’ve gotten then go for it. You might have to study more if you’re not interested in computers, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

      • Could you pl tell me the any book whichwill be helpful to crack the IIIT admission. Pl reply by return mail


  5. I got 6th rank in d entrance test..!!
    I m interested in IIIT-D bt don know nythin abt its placement..!!
    Is it worth joining …??

  6. Hey. I came across your blog while looking up anything I could find about IIIT’s college life. So far, it’s about the ONLY non-NSIT-forum post that actually has anything useful.
    Thanks for that. 🙂

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  8. Hi,

    I am also from Springdales DK, you might not know me…

    I wanted to know the admission procedure for IIIT-D.I know we have to clear their entrance exam.Could you give some more details related to the Entrance Exam.
    Syllabus n stuff….


    • Hi Akshay,

      IIIT-D is changing the format of the entrance test this time – I heard something about there being essay questions also. This time, commerce students can also apply – so I can’t say based on history as to what the format will be.

      I’ll let you know as soon as we’re told what the format is.

      • Hi..one of my friend got selected for admission in IIIT delhi..He has completed his B.E. in computer science…He is confused that he should take an admission or do the job…please suggest..

  9. hey…i am giving the entrances this year…really want to make it through iiit-d…can you tell me the names of some books for practice or probably anything that can help me get through?

    • The syllabus may change slightly this year, and therefore the books may be different also. I’d recommend following http://www.twitter.com/iiitdadmissions, so that as soon as we have this information you can get it.

      I remember that I had studied RS Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude (I’m not sure that’s the correct name)

  10. Now that the sample questions are there on the website please suggest some books to prepare from! its urgent,please reply…….

  11. You really don’t need any book to prepare from. Just turn up on that day with your wits about you. It’s like giving an IQ quiz, you can’t study and make your IQ higher.

  12. Pranav: I did reply where you asked the question – on the About page.

    To rehash: I did ask admin about books to prepare, and they said that the official position is that it is an aptitude test, and does not require preparation of any kind.

    I’d suggest practicing IQ questions, but scientifically, it is very difficult to increase IQ.

    You can practice arithmetic questions – linear equations, questions about age, time, relationships etc.

  13. Hello Raghav Bhai
    I’m preparing for IIIT-D this year and have my entrance on 19th June. Firstly I would love to know which books did you consult. How many seats are there for Delhi students general category and how many students actually apply for this entrance test? What was the test pattern at your time and what were the cut-off marks (out of the total maximum marks)?
    Can you please send me the information on my e-mail ID hammadjilani@rocketmail.com

    Looking forward to a positive reply,
    Thank you

    • Hammad: FYI, A blogger will not generally email you replies to your queries. You have to check back on the blog to see if the owner replies to your comment.

      I remember I consulted RS Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude, but I’m not sure whether it is relevant now.

      If you took the time to read the comments above, you’d see that I have repeatedly told everybody that there are NO RECOMMENDED BOOKS, as it is an aptitude test and does not require preparation.

      Cut-off marks were not disclosed in public, the test pattern can be seen from the sample papers on the website, and it is also not disclosed how many students apply for the entrance test. The number is on the low side as the 80% CBSE cutoff is reasonably high.

      As to number of seats, this information is available on the website and in the Information Brochure, you can find it there.

  14. Hey dude … I m ranked 88th in IIIT Entrance Test 2011. I am a Delhi Gen candidate. Will I be able to make the cut. Could you possibly give me an idea of the cutoffs ??

    Anticipating for a quick reply … 😀

    • For my counseling, Delhi Gen cutoff was 20% higher than the number of seats. You can do the math for the number of Delhi seats vs. your rank. But don’t rely too much on this information – counseling is very unpredictable.

  15. So .. Cut off is 55 .. ?? Dunno man .. I jus hope dat I get through .. !!! Called up IIIT. A woman picked up .. She was sayin last year it was around 92 .. So ,I thought i stand a good chance … But accrding 2 dis estimate … I dont stand any I guess …

  16. Hey between the Cutoff u mentioned about d last year being 90 … Which year r u referrin 2 Is it 2010 ?? In dat case , May be i can make myself feel a little comfortable cuz I relly m under tremendous pressure dude .. Lolz .. I relly wnt 2 get into dis 1 .. cuz dis is d only univ. which takes admission on d basis of intellectual levels .. 😀 … & regarding the books to refer .. Yepp It is indeed R.S. Aggarwal which I referred to .. Btwn. Dis iz a fine Blog man .. Awesum, Spectacular .. !! i’ll add more adjectives .. if I get 2 join IIIT .. Haha .. Lolzz

  17. Dude .. last year official cutoffs are out .. It is 85 .!!!..In 2009 it was 98 .. ! Relly ..Tensed nw .. 50-50 . ??? wht do u say ?

  18. In terms of college culture & institute’s philosophy, IIIT-D beats IIIT-A as well as IIIT-H.

    Oh! IIT’s could not be short listed for comparison.

  19. Guys IIIT really is freaking awesome & so is Raghav. I am one of the privileged & lucky guys to get him as the IP (Programming) TA. He is simply outstanding as a student, as a TA & as a mentor; always ready to help anyone-anytime (except perhaps around 8 AM on Mondays , lol) .
    Had our freshers yesterday & it was fully loaded with Fun, Entertainment & ecstasy. I have already started to enjoy my stint in IIIT, although just 20 days old :P.
    Oh yeah,If you are looking forward to get ragged, IIIT is definitely not the right place for you, For everything else, It is the best possible place !! 😀

  20. Hi. I got 96% in my boards in Science Stream this year but didnt prepare for engineering. How should i prepare for IIIT-D entrance? And will my board marks get any weightage?

  21. Hi there,
    I am appearing for the exam this year. Can you suggest me some book … and if possible some sample papers that I can try…
    Thanks and reagrds

  22. hey, i am a science non-med student and got 90% in boards. basically, i am very much interested in computer science subject and its the absolute contrast in case of physics and chemistry.i didnt take any coaching for btech entrances which is why i didnt do well in iit, aieee etc. but i have taken several aptitude tests till date and have scored good enough( even though all of them were taken very apprehensively and without any mental preparation)……i have read your comments above and totally agree about your views on not referring to books cuz its an iq based test. but i do want to clear iiit….so apart from books can you suggest some kind of quiz sites or any brain-racking activities….just 2 gain confidnc n familiarize myslf vd d questions about 2 come in d papr……

  23. Hello,I had a look up on the sample paper given on the official site,I thought the math questions look similar to SAT questions and the comprehension portion is also pretty similar,I have gotten IIT but wont get CS in any of the older ones,I messed up EEE but I really like the sound of IIIT Delhi,it’s a ray of hope for me.If you can give me any specific advice of HOW to ATTEMPT the paper it would very helpful.I daresay the main paper would have questions of a higher level than those given in the sample.Any reply is greatly appreciated. My test is on 24th June 2012.

  24. hey dere,I am also pretty serious about iiit d..
    But I am not sure about my odds for admission as my cbse marks are not upto the level..
    I also have a strong feeling about cs and in my 12 (science), my fav was cs..also scored 91(good for me)..I even have basic knowledge about databases and programming lang. like java..
    So just for seeking motivation…do u know anyone who had 80.02% agg and 83 in maths and got admission into iiitd…….

  25. hey Divya..even i am studying for IIIT-D and as Raghav mentioned above,
    ‘RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude’ is a pretty helpful book..
    i have some found some questions in the sample paper that are exact from it..

  26. Well…it depends on how the other people gave the exam….I am sure of 120-125 questions…and I got 86 in boards ( chem :/ )
    So you have me beaten…

  27. @rohan…. same here yaar in chem… got 81 in it n % went down….
    cutoff might go till 130-140 dis year… so atleast expecting a rank below dat…..
    oderwise wud hv to settle down wid some low or avg branch at dtu

  28. I am not really clear on the calculation methodology of the scores like say is it like marked out 100 by taking 1/3 of your entrance test score and adding 1/2 your board exam score?

  29. sir..i gave iiit-d entrance this year ..and i am sure about 75-80 questions….and got 88 percent in 12th..what are my odds of selection..?

  30. I think King Leonidas has a sure shot selection guarantee and its also pretty much ok for Rohan with increase in seats i think 85% in(boards) + 85 % of questions correct(128) about would be the last person to get selected.I talked to a guy who was about the last rank last year and telling these from that experience not 100% foolproof.

  31. You look at the seats/applicants ratio like (51+17)/2.5K(max) thats about 1 in 40.Thats still less than the IIT’s BITS etc.

  32. Results are out got rank 355 category overall 361 got 115/150 correct and 82% should I bother showing up in the counselling?

  33. hello
    I’ve got 1331 (General – 1270 ) in the entrance test. Any chance of getting admission at this rank.
    Please Please Reply soon.

  34. hey.. i fsl in delhi gen categry.. gt ovrol rank-217 nd catgry rank- 215.. u thnk i gt ny luk here???? nd i mst tel u, m rly keen om getn in

  35. hi raghav
    i hav given myy iiitd exam and got rank 97 this year they hav introduced ece as well so shd i take ece or shd i take cse
    pls respond asap as couselling going to start soon

    • Take whatever you’re interested in. Our website has a lot about the course content – see whichever branch’s course content interests you the most and go for it.

      • thamx a lot for ur help
        i hav got admission in ece iiit d
        thanx once again for the extremely informative articles

  36. Hi guys how raghav and anonymous how many you solved and what are you board marks my rank is 155 do i have a chance?

  37. I am from NSIT, the college that apparently has been the campus for IIIT-D till now and I agree with what you are saying. IIIT-D is a good college. Better than NSIT and DCE. From what I have learned they have enthusiastic professors and that enthusiasm is complemented equally well by the students.

    • Yeah, it would probably be a good idea to get one. Otherwise, you’ll have no option but to work in the labs.. If you’re going to be commuting from home, you can do without one for a while.

  38. Hi, I am an OBC candidate and have a top 10 category rank however I am being denied admission on the grounds that I don’t hold a Delhi OBC certificate although I do have a central OBC certificate I have migrated to Delhi 3 years back for the purpose of coaching and high schooling.I have copies of the written orders from the Ministry of Personnel Welfare where they state that a migrated person can avail OBC facilities in the new state,I have applied for a Delhi OBC certificate and it’s stuck in the famous Indian Red tape,and I am missing out my chance of getting admission in your reputed institute if you can give me any advice or any other help in this matter I would be deeply indebted to you.

  39. now i wish i had taken iiit , stuck at nsit with a syllabus that the neanderthal’s made .

    all i can say now is that if youre a student fresh out of 12th and if youre wondering wether to pick iiit-d or not ,pick it cause i heard a lot of praises from my seniors at nsit where they had the temporary campus

      • Doubt it, because we are a year ahead of you in terms of courses. For example, we did DSA in the first year, and OS and CN in the second.

      • 1st has many general courses also like maths , intro to programming (i know that) , communication skills etc.
        your namesake iiit-h accepts transfer students , i really wish iiit-d also did that
        but anyways thank you sir for replying 😀

  40. i am preparing to give iiitd entrance test in 2013….any idea about d syllabus….will it be same as d last year’s syllabus….and is it better than dtu or nsit?

    • Definitely better than DTU and NSIT, if you’re seriously interested in Computer Science and Electronics and don’t shy away from studying.

  41. Hi,
    I will appear for my entrances in 2013.As a science student,a major problem I face is that even thought I have always wanted to do CS,I had been forced to study Physics and Chemistry.It is illogical and almost ironical that for having a career in Computer Science,I have to expertecise in Physics and Chemistry,both of which have negligible connection to the subject.Colleges like IIIT are the only chances for students like me to get into a good enough college(I’ll probably end up in a poor college though my IIT(AIEEE) rank).
    Kindly guide me,how should I go about for my preparations for IIITD’s entrance test,I need to get a seat,very badly.

  42. Hi I gave my JEE mains this year so I am going to apply now. I am pretty scared that I might not get CSE initially is there a possibility of branch change after first year? I’ll be really happy if you help. Thanks

  43. Hi. I gave my jee mains this year and am awaiting the result. What approximate opening and closing rank do you think would be there for the cse as well as ece in iiit-d?

  44. Hi,

    I scored a 282 in JEE Main P1 this year (rank should be in the 1000-3000 bracket leaving room for a yearly variation) and I am considering IIIT, Delhi for a bachelors’ degree in ECE.

    I am a bit confused regarding my future course of action and would like to be a bit inquisitive regarding it. Can you just brief me on context based on campus life, peer relationships, and faculty/management friendliness? Also student activities during summer/winter breaks and the subsequent research and industry based internships.


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  46. hi i got 10000 rank in jee main 2013. i am delhi (general), will i be able to get into iiit d in any branch.
    pls reply soon

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  48. hello ! i am a student of general category residing in delhi. i have secured 168 in jee mains and have a 95.8 % in cbse class 12 2016 boards and i am a ntse scholar ..with the help of bonus points .. wud i be able to get computer science at iiit delhi ?


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